Disable powershell for users on Microsoft 365

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Is it possible to block user's access to powershell in Microsoft 365. We would like to block our students from being able to run cmdlets like Get-MSolRole, GetMSolRoleMember or retrieving a full list of users.




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@DeepakRandhawa, Thanks, I already tried this but does not seem to impact the MSol module


Have you tried below already:-

Set-MsolCompanySettings -UsersPermissionToReadOtherUsersEnabled $false

It should prevent users from retrieving a full list of users, however Get-MsolRole still seem to work.
This cmdlet disable users' ability to use the Azure AD module for Windows PowerShell to access user information for their organization.

@DeepakRandhawa, yes I have tried this. However, it negatively affects the users ability to add participants to a meeting, Team etc., as searching for a user is not possible.