Connect-MsolService Script Error

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Hey all


Maybe my google-fu is not what it used to be.


Getting an annoying script error when using Connect-MsolService. Failed to load external resource on the password page of Sign into your account.


Everything works whether I click yes or no but it would be excited not to have the popup dialogue in the first place.




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Do you get this only with the MSOL module, or other modules that authenticate against Azure AD? The error suggests that the branding image is unavailable, which might be due to firewall/proxy blocking it on your end, or simply because the module uses older libraries.

@Vasil Michev 


Someone messed with Cisco Umbrella.

Hi Cybervex

did you try to connect with credentials in parameters passed with Connect-MsolService ?
because it dosnt work with account useing MFA Authentification.
if you try this you shoud delete all parameters , and uses only :

# like this :