Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi all

I am clearly missing something obvious.


I have two CSV files.  One with a list of 'Project names' One with a list of 'partial' group names.

I need to make an AzureAD group name based on the data in each CSV.


So, for example, Projects.csv looks like this:






Groups.csv looks like this:






I'm looking to work though each and have a group created that looks like this:



etc etc


The code I'm currently trying to use is like this:




# Path to CSV files
$projectCSV = "C:\path\to\project.csv"
$groupCSV = "C:\path\to\group.csv"

# Read CSV files
$projects = Import-Csv $projectCSV
$groups = Import-Csv $groupCSV

# Loop through each combination of project and group
foreach ($project in $projects) {
    foreach ($group in $groups) {
        # Create Azure AD group
        $groupName = 'SharePoint-' + $project.ProjectName + $group.GroupName
        $groupDescription = "Group for project '$($project.ProjectName)' and SharePoint group '$($group.GroupName)'"
        # Create the group
        New-AzureADGroup -DisplayName $groupName -Description $groupDescription -MailEnabled $false -SecurityEnabled $true -MailNickName $groupName



Seems the $projectName and $groupName s are empty :(

Am I being thick?



Any help would be awesome.






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@Preston_Cole Do your CSV files really look like that? I mean just one column for each file? If they do, then the problem is, that in your loop you specify properties (=column names) that don't exist in your CSV files.

For example






would refer to the value of the row "ProjectName" in your CSV of the current object.

Thanks for the pointer! The headings were slightly wrong, I had Project.Name as a heading!

You helped me look again.

Awesome! Glad to help :)