Upgrading to W11

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Have tried unsuccesully numerous time to upgrade from 10 to 11. MS message me that my computer meets qualifcations and W11 ready to install. Download and install seem to work fine but restart takes me back to W10 and no error code.


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Once you enroll in windows insider and the restart option pops up, login and go to check for updates and run it, that is when the update happens,
Things to help you figure it out,
~Check to make sure youre logged into the windows insider section of the settings menu (in the update tab)
~Make sure you have the developer mode enabled with the dev tools installed
~Try navigating to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-insider/ISOs logging in and downloading a ISO and running setup that way

Let me know if it works or need help
How do you perform the upgrade?
Are using using ISO or you are performing upgrade using Windows Update?
Make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
Take a look at log files on:
Note: some of files might not be available in your PC and $windows.~bt should be inside the drive which Windows has been installed.
You may find clues of why it has been rolled back from log files.
Are you asking me or asking gordenfries?


@_RBL_ wrote:
Are you asking me or asking gordenfries?

If you look into my post, it is replied to @gordenfries_outlookc .