Windows 11 & Server 2022 HLK kit guidance for creating new submission packages for Windows 11, v21H2

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When creating a new project in the Windows 11 & Windows Server 2022 HLK, users will be presented with the option to create a Windows Driver Project ([Is Windows Driver Project] checkbox highlighted in yellow in below image). This option is currently intended for engineering and development purposes, not for creating official submissions. To create a project for proper Windows 11 & Windows Server 2022 certification, please DO NOT check this box. The resulting package generated from a Windows Driver Project will be blocked at the validation stage.




 For additional questions/assistance, please reach out to Microsoft support team by creating a support ticket here - Windows developer support

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Dear Sir,

Thanks to proivde the information.
Is this option "[Is Windows Driver Project]" suitable for device installed inbox driver to test? (I think that 21H2 inbox driver should not meet Windows Driver requirements, is it correct?)
Or it is only used for IHV "Windows driver" engineering and development test. 


Yes, Inbox drivers are not required to go through WHCP. I would suggest not to use this for Inbox driver as well.




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May I ask the INF about the display need to add HDR certification part, what are the specific requirements, or can you tell where to get the relevant information? No relevant information is currently found on the official website, thank you!

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Dear  sir

My win11 HLK environment selects the driver. After loading the playlist, it will prompt "Unable to schedule the following test" when executed. How should I solve this problem?




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when I do windows 11 HLK test, there is a failure in "Audio APO-Verify APOs Work After an OS Upgrade - TestUpgrades" test. How can I fix this failure?

Below picture is the description of this failure,



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could you please let us know which playlist version  is compatible for the windows server 2022 OS?.





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