Advanced search using driver attributes now available
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First published on MSDN on Sep 28, 2018
We are excited to announce a powerful search experience in Hardware Partner Center with an advanced search feature that allows faster and deeper searches to discover your drivers easily.

Why we are delivering this feature?

Until today, you as a driver developer or publisher may have experienced slow page-load of the driver dashboard based on the number of drivers you managed in Hardware Partner Center. Also, you could only search for your driver using limited options like search by product ID or product name. While we redesigned the way search works, we also made driver dashboard load faster. With advanced search, you should experience faster load times and should be able to search for a driver using a wider range of it’s various attributes. You don’t have to find the specific product ID for the given hardware ID or INF file name to search for a driver. For example you can search by Shared Product ID, Hardware ID, INF Name etc.

Using advanced search

You can directly type in product ID, submission ID, product name, submission name, hardware ID, INF name or OS code in search box on Drivers page to search for a driver. You can also use the new keyword search feature for more targeted and complex searches. Typing @ in search box displays the list of available attributes for keyword search (see below screen snippet for list of available attributes). Refer to our documentation to know more about how to use new advanced search.

What's next?

We know it is important to support the search and reporting feature to query publishing status. We are working to enable it in upcoming iterations along with other features like search API, apply filters etc.


We would love to hear from you and plan to incorporate your feedback. Let us know whether this new search feature helps you or there’s something we could do to improve it.
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