Windows Admin Center with proxy

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Hi, today I installed Windows Admin Center 1910.2 on dedicated Windows Server 2016 system in secured environment where access to the Internet is managed by Squid proxy. Having completed installation and signed in I noticed an error related to WAC extension with the following message:


Unable to determine if an extension update is available. Error: The ServicePointManager does not support proxies with the https scheme.


Since I have to use Squid proxy as proxy server (Chrome browser for instance) is there any workaround for this? Having WAC in production without extensions is something I would not like to see.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi @boxikg 


I don't have any experience with Squid Proxy.  I can tell you I've had problems with using other proxies.

I too have secure environments where we don't allow any external access.   I was able to use the procedures for installing extensions offline pretty successfully.   

Also, I recently was able to use a NuGet repo we have on-prem.  Configure the repo to pull the ext from MS.  The GW servers then used on the on-prem repo for extensions.  We are still testing but so far it works great.