WAC 2110 unable to add "allowed groups"

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I've just installed WAC 2110 (on a Windows 2019 Server) in order to test it.

But I'm unable to add "allowed groups" under "Access" menu to manage WAC Gateway Access

There's simply no "add" button




I would try to install the previous version to test it, but i'm unable to find it to download




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Same here, after installing the newest version this isn't available. If I'm not mistaken it was available when I upgraded from an older version to the newest version. No problem for me since I set rights through Azure Roles. I can't locate a link to download an older version, it seems that this isn't available.
access is controlled by local groups. just add the required users or groups from AD to the local users group




Which local group?

The only one relative to WAC is : Windows Admin Center CredSSP Administrators




And even if I connect on WAC webpage with a user which doesnt have any rights on the WAC server, i'm admin on WAC console



I'm having the same issue. Any domain user can log in to Windows Admin Center console, and there is no option to manage the allowed groups on settings.

I don't have Azure servers, all my Windows Servers are on premise.
I guess this is a kind of Bug, because previous version have correct group and role and RBAC model, by now I'm facing same problem.
Probably they will create hotfix or new GA to fix it ASAP (should be)
following this thread, we installed today, 12/3 and have the same issues