Storage Migration failed files

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We are using the Windows admin center to transfer our old 2008r2 file server to a 2019 file server. Things look pretty good during the first scan. We migrated 6 million files and only had around 150 failed files. When I look for the files that failed, I am running into a small problem with the logs.  The log is to large to open and times out. I have made the timeout change in the registry from 1 minute to 10 but still having a problem. I even looked at the powershell script to export the storage migration service and proxy debug logs.  As I am trying to look at the logs on the orchestrator server I see a lot of the:


[verb] adding object= filename result=success intent= skipped or modify.


What do I need to search for to see the failed files.  I had clear the old logs and start a new scan and limited the log size so I can get it to a smaller manageable size. the scan is running and have am up to 117 files and am waiting till it finishes to try and get the error report but want to look at the current event viewer and see is I can find the failed files.  So if anyone can give me an example of what to look for in the events to find the failed files.

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I'm having the same problem in 2023. did you ever find a way to get the error log?