Shared Connections not deleting

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Hi there - I have Windows Admin Center v1.5.2306.14001 installed and have 1142 shared connections.


When I attempt to delete all shared connections, WAC looks like it goes through deleting them - but then gets to a specific number and just stops. If I then refresh the browser, it returns 1142 shared connections again - so, it looks like no shared connections have actually been deleted. If I try to delete just one shared connection, I get the same outcome.


I've also tried re-importing some connections again with the below PowerShell command in the hope it'll remove any connections not specified in the csv, but it's still the same outcome.


Import-Connection <WAC URL> -fileName WAC.csv -prune


FYI - the above is being done with my user account, which has gateway administrator permissions in WAC.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?



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Hi @Waddo2023,


I've logged a bug for further investigation.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention!


Kind regards,


Hi! We were unable to repro this bug, are you still experiencing it?