Server 2016 Standard - Remote desktop what license needed

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I have a client where a Server 2016 standard is used. Since Covid 19 they are making a connection remote to the Server using remote desktop but the Server is only allowing 2 or 3 users at the same time.


What license do i need to order for expanding this ?


I have found 'Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services 2019 User Cal' i think this is the correct one but i am not sure also not sure if a 2019 is compatible with Server 2016 .


Would this be the correct license to expand the Remote desktop so more than 2 users can login remote to the server.









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@Dcaub The 2 or 3 concurrent session limit is to allow administration of a server - if you want to use this by more people you'd need to install Remote Desktop Services and yes you'd need the appropriate CAL. According to the chart on this page, the 2019 CAL can be used on servers running 2016. 


Remote Desktop Services hosts are typically servers which don't run any other Windows Server task (e.g. DHCP, DNS, Active Directory) and usually have user applications such as Office installed, so a bit more detail is needed as to what you need more people logged on remote desktop for to make a better recommendation.