Packetmon - How it is configured and how it works-always returns "No Packet Data to show"

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I have WAC on my win 10 mmachine as well as several win server 2019. Not able to find anywhere how to configure it in the interface I tried 2 scenarios, all my devices are in a subnet 192,168.0.0

From my desktop in the WAC GUI, I choose Packet Monitoring, add a new Capture

I enter 2 IPs in the

IP addr 1 (my mail server) (my router)

in port 1 I enter 25

in port 2 I enter 110 or 588 

then click start

I wait for 1 hour, then stop the capture, then I get "No Packet Data to show" 


2nd scenario I tried is in WAC I clicked on the mail server itself, then clicked on the mail server itself, did same thing for the different parameters, waited for 1 hour, stopped the capture then same story  "No Packet Data to show" 


In the notification, I see "Successfully loaded the capture", Go to packet.....



I do go but nothing there




Can you please tell me how I can configure to get a capture between my router and any server in my network? Thanks

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