OS imaging

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Currently at my work, we are using clonezilla to deploy images to new desktops. I find this to be outdated and just a headache. One USB stick has the clonezilla software, the other has the actual image and the third stick has gparted to adjust the  partition size . Again, this is 3 USB sticks and time consuming. I would LOVE to use a dedicated onsite server and push deployments but budget isnt there. Currently, the image is win 10 2004 and we are on 21h2. So even after the image is loaded we are doing double work by updating to the latest 10 win build. This is what I would like to do, capture an image from a device currently deployed with all the settings that the organization enforces, put that on a single USB and give it to the techs to install? I dont want to use clonezilla. 

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