MFA with active directory and remote desktops

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is there any software or tools can support MFA (Multi-factor authentication) with active directory users (sign-in) or with remote desktop ?



which one is the best ?

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When the NPS extension for Azure is integrated with the NPS and Remote Desktop Gateway, the successful authentication flow is as follows:

The Remote Desktop Gateway server receives an authentication request from a remote desktop user to connect to a resource, such as a Remote Desktop session. Acting as a RADIUS client, the Remote Desktop Gateway server converts the request to a RADIUS Access-Request message and sends the message to the RADIUS (NPS) server where the NPS extension is installed.
The username and password combination is verified in Active Directory and the user is authenticated.
If all the conditions as specified in the NPS Connection Request and the Network Policies are met (for example, time of day or group membership restrictions), the NPS extension triggers a request for secondary authentication with Azure MFA.
Azure MFA communicates with Azure AD, retrieves the user's details, and performs the secondary authentication using supported methods.
Upon success of the MFA challenge, Azure MFA communicates the result to the NPS extension.
The NPS server, where the extension is installed, sends a RADIUS Access-Accept message for the RD CAP policy to the Remote Desktop Gateway server.
The user is granted access to the requested network resource through the RD Gateway.