Managing user access to Windows Admin Center

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I've recently deployed Windows Admin Center in my environment.  I understand by default everyone has access to the portal until you specifically select a group.  I'd like limit access to the portal to a specific group in our local AD.  We do not have Azure AD for this domain. 
This doc leads me to this doc where I found what I've highlighted in purple below.  I don't see a Users tab in the WAC interface.  Did I miss a step in my setup?  My domain admins don't have any issue getting into the interface and seeing all of our servers that I've added.

Active Directory or local machine groups

By default, Active Directory or local machine groups are used to control gateway access. If you have an Active Directory domain, you can manage gateway user and administrator access from within the Windows Admin Center interface.

On the Users tab, you can control who can access Windows Admin Center as a gateway user. By default, and if you don't specify a security group, any user that accesses the gateway URL has access. Once you add one or more security groups to the users list, access is restricted to the members of those groups.

If you don't use an Active Directory domain in your environment, access is controlled by the Users and Administrators local groups on the Windows Admin Center gateway machine.


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Hopefully this helps someone. This turned out to be a known bug from Nov/2021. I found this post:

You can download the patched version here although it hasn't been officially released yet.