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Thanks for your work on Honolulu so far! I have a few suggestions for improvements I've noticed as I've been trialing it. 


1. If you change a users AD username, (we did it due to pending O365 migration, however marriage etc can also require a username change) Honolulu doesn't maintain the existing settings for that user. I have looked in the DB and noticed its created a new table for the new user and I can see all the old records on the old table, so it can't be too hard to instead of matching on sAMAccountName or UPN  to match on SID so that the existing server/computer listings etc remain after a username change.


2. A common reason to jump onto remote devices is to obtain the windows update log file, now that it requires a powershell command to generate the file, doing this in Honolulu requires a number of steps/modules, first a remote powershell connection to run the script, then the files module to find and download the file. This sequence of steps could be combined into a single button and included on the overview tab or somewhere similar.


3. When using the powershell module, the standard select & copy, right click to paste, ctrl+c and ctrl+v dont work. Enabling these features would greatly improve productivity.


4. When using the powershell module, maintaining the session after clicking on another module and going back to powershell on the same machine would be helpful rather than requiring the password to be retyped in each time you leave the powershell window for the machine.


5. A list of the current logged in users like seen from the task manager (not necessarily their running applications) would be helpful on the overview page so we can quickly identify who is using a machine you are working on remotely.


Keep up the good work!

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You got some really good points! You should go to HTTPS:// and post them.

Post the links to the ones you added and I will give them a vote and a share on Twitter!

Kind regards


Cool! I have voted for them. 


Hopefully, they will be in the releases soon.