DHCP server should not assign IP if user has not joined the Domain.

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Hello Experts,

I have a windows server 2016 and I've configured  Active Directory and DNS and Hyper-v on it.

In that physical server, I have created a VM which is another windows server and I made it my DHCP.

There is a switch between the physical server and the client.

The client is connected to the switch and our traffic is going to AD, DHCP, and DNS via a switch.

Need Solution

 Now, I want my DHCP to not assign IP if a user has not joined the domain.


I want my DHCP to assign IP to the client only if the user that is requesting IP from DHCP, that has joined the domain.

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Why do you want this functionality?
Is it like to make sure only domain-joined devices would have access to the network?
Take a look at the following scenario and see if that answer your question?