Cluster Creation Extension NIC Teaming Issue

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Has anyone run into this issue with the cluster creation extension in WAC? Trying to create a cluster if you have network adapters in a NIC team, all the adapters in that team, as well as the teaming adapter itself, are returned when the adapters are discovered. With that in mind, you can't proceed past step 2.3 "Edit adapter settings" as it says not all adapters have a valid IP even though the teaming adapter has a valid IP for each server selected. 


After looking at the documentation for the extension, it appears that the workflow is checking for adapters that have a status up and since the adapters in a NIC team will appear as up even though they don't each have a valid IP they are returned.


In any case, I am probably missing something simple, and I am going to work around my issue, but I would just like to know if I am doing something stupid. :) 

Type of cluster you selected: Storage Cluster
Step where you encountered the issue: 2.1 Verify network adapters
Version of the cluster creation extension. Go to Settings > Extensions > Installed extensions and see the Version column: 1.2.0



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