Can't connect/Find servers in Windows Admin Center 1909

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I've installed Windows Admin Center 1909 on Windows 10 build 18985,

set it to only use HTTPS connections and set the custom port 6666 for it.

then I followed this guide:


now I am having problem even managing my own computer (Not domain joined), let alone the Windows Server 2019 (domain joined) which is running on Hyper-V VM on my computer.


I enabled Enable-PSRemoting on Windows server 2019 and on my computer as well. still when I type in the IP address of the server in WAC, it doesn't find anything.

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At this time, Windows Admin Center only supports the default WinRM ports: 5985(http) & 5986(https)


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Thanks. but why does it let us choose other ports then during WAC installation if custom ports are not supported? doesn't make sense.
By the way,
I'm just installing the WAC 1909 and the default port on the installation screen is "6516". how is that possible?

also when I check the box for HTTPS only connection, the port stays the same.

The port selection in the installer is for the HTTPS endpoint of the WAC interface.

6516 is the default on desktop installations. You'll see when you launch WAC from your start menu, it will open a browser to https://localhost:6516

So If i set the port for "HTTPS endpoint of the WAC interface" to 6666 instead of 6516, during installation, it should work, right?
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No, sorry - if you take a look at the diagram on this page, it should be easier to visualize.


The port selection in the installer corresponds to the HTTPS port for the WAC UI where the client browser will connect, like a webpage. In the diagram, this is the HTTPS between the client browser and WAC. This is the only "side" that is configurable currently.


Where you have WinRM set up to use HTTPS transport on port 6666 is on the managed nodes on the other "side" of WAC, at the bottom of the diagram.