Admin center 1910 first run

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Just installed Admin Center in Windows 10, but when I first run it I get immediately the "You are not authorized to view this page".


It should ask for the client certificate, but it doesn't. What am I missing?


PS: I have removed it and installed again after changing default browser to Edge, Chrome and Firefox, but all 3 do the same.



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@PMoita1_1 i had the same issue so i uninstalled and went back to 1909 and everything works. it even lost connection to my Hyper-V servers. I'm not upgrading to version 1911 or a patch is released for 1910.

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@FraternityOfAudioI also tried that with several other versions, oldest one being 1904 and couldn't get it to work with any of them.


However I just installed a new VM with latest W10 and admin center and it is running, so there must be something in my PC that prevents it from starting as it should.


I'll be using the VM for now.