Active Directory on-premise, basic rules.


Hello everyone! Not sure this is correct place to ask but i didn't found more suitable group. I want to ask a question regarding Active Directory groups basics. Everyone remember the rule: if we have two AD domains (in one tree), and we want to add some user from first domain into the group in the second, we need to create a group in the first domain add the user into it and add this group into the group in the other domain. But not the other way: to add a user directly from the first domain into the group in the second domain. I want to ask everyone, is this rule actual in 2020? This rule basically based on the technical limitations or this is just the best practice?

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Found the article

This groups named "nested", and this thing called to simplify AD administration. But not any technical limitations for this.



Yes, this is more like a best practice for managing users in AD Groups .

The limitation is trying to add a User from Forest A into a Group that is in Forest B. Most of the deployments keep users in a Single Domain and Groups in another Domain within the Same Forest of Active Directory. Hope this helps answer the question.