1904: User Access broken?

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I just installed 1904 on Server Core 2019.
When I go to https://ipaddress I have to login as my admin user

When I go to https://servername I get automatic logged in as my normal desktop user.

in "Access" I have only "Domain Admins" and "BUILTIN/Administrators". In "BUILTIN/Administrators" there is only "Administrator" and "Domain Admins".

1. Why can a normal user log in? I can't manage WAC, but I never gave permission that a normal user can login at all.

2. Why is there different behavior when logging in with the IP-address (asks for credentials) and the hostname (automatic SSO)?

3. How can I disable SSO?



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Did find a solution for this issue?

After installation i also have the same issue and would like to disable this.


@Wusaa Sadly I did not find any solution and so had to uninstall it again

@Joachim1972  What i am considering is fine tuning the Local firewall.

So far it is working ok maybe this is solution for you........

I have the same issue...

@Joachim1972 : I can confirm this is still an issue with 1904.1.