1904.1: Shared connection list. Bug appending NetBios name?

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I'm using aliases for the names in the connections list, which have a site-code prepended => I have 100+ sites and this is useful for using search to filter the list to servers at a specific site.


If I connect to a few, then for connection N, WAC appends the NetBIOS name from connection N-1 to the name in the list. If I connect to these in this order:





..the 5678-XYZ-FS1 entry in the connections list changes to 5678-XYZ-FS1 (ABC-DC1)


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May have fixed this. It was happening logged on to WAC Gateway as administrator & was just affecting the Personal connections list, NOT the shared list. Steps: 1) Removed ALL entries in Personal then closed browser. 2) Reconnected as administrator. The Personal list is populated with what is apparently an entire copy of the Shared connections list. 3) After connecting an entry in the Personal list now gets the correct NetBIOS name appended. Ho hum.. I don't need anything but the Shared list. Can you turn the Personal list off for everyone, including Gateway administrator(s) somehow?