Announcing Windows Admin Center Preview 1902 and the QCT server management extension GA release
Published Mar 20 2019 12:20 AM 14.1K Views
First published on on Feb 19, 2019
Windows Admin Center 1902 Preview is now available to Windows Insiders!

New features:

  • Shared connections list that can be shared across all users of a WAC gateway

  • PowerShell script to export your RDCman connections to a .CSV file which you can then import to Windows Admin Center

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) Access Control List (ACL) support to manage data traffic flow using Datacenter Firewall and ACLs on virtual subnets

  • SDN Gateway Connection tool to manage and monitor your SDN IPSEC/GRE/L3 gateway connections

  • SDN Logical Network management tool

  • Connect VM to VLAN or Virtual Network in your SDN environment

Announcement blog post:

We're also excited to announce the GA release of QCT 's Management Suite extension. Since launching a preview release last September, QCT has added support for WSSD certified solutions, QuantaGrid D52BQ-2U and T21P-4U. The GA release also includes display of advanced hardware information such as temperature, power, component loading and server LED control, and a Disk replacement wizard UI. You can install the QCT extension by going to WAC Settings > Extensions > Available extensions.

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