Re-writing website in .Net 5 with Blazor

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I wrote my website in .NET Webforms.  In order to stop using old technology and keep up with all the advantages of newer technologies, I am considering re-writing the entire thing in .NET 5.0 (or Core 3.1 anyway) perhaps leveraging Blazor since I'm terrible with Javascript and its repeated silent failures.


Before I embark upon this considerable project, I wanted to see if the developers here think it's worthwhile.  (If you're reading this forum, I would guess you'd say it is worthwhile)  The biggest problem I have is that developing with .NET has been "only me" since 2005 when I last worked alongside another developer.  I'm sure I've missed a lot along the way, developed some really bad habits and have used horrible, inefficient hacks when I'm stuck.  So I'm not at all confident that I will produce something superior to what I've got now.


I haven't given you much specific to comment upon, but here are some of my concerns / website updates I need to accomplish.


  1. User accounts.  I'd like to add authentication to my website.  I have successfully done so on another smaller site that I developed to learn .NET Core 3.1.  But since the test website was written entirely in MVC, adding the authentication module was pretty easy.  I don't know how to add Middleware to a WebForms project or if it's even possible
  2. Database migrations.  I have a database I use on the Fitpacking website.  If I start over in One.NET, I am not sure how to mix an existing database with the code first migration approach.  I suppose I could do the entire project as code first and transfer the live data rows from existing tables later
  3. Static URLs vs Restful URLs.  I have an upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon.  I like the fact that there's a static URL to go to and that I don't have to denote it as or whatever.  I'm sure there's some way around this but then am I still leveraging MVC?
  4. CRUD operations.  While there are a few forms on the website (where people sign up) there isn't a lot of repeated need for CRUD operations.  Sure, people will want to edit their profile occasionally, but it seems like a small part of what the site does
  5. Database operations.  The code I use to query and update the database is a dreadful kludge, full of connections, contexts, data adaptors, data tables, result sets all tied to various grids, drop downs and other controls.  There is one screen I use fails about half the time because too many connections are open (even though I have code to close them -- I think).  Anyway, will Blazor controls or One.NET data operations help clean some of this up?


I'm not really sure what I'm even asking.  I guess I just want to know if it's worth embarking upon this project at all.  I could live with the WebForms site indefinitely if I had to although I fear it will be unsupported at some point, not to mention how web crawlers will ding it for being slow, old technology.  And if my ISP stops supporting it, I can't create a cross platform version.


Any musings?





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