How to attach a css file to the content page...?

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I am working on my site and noticed that when I try to manually add a stylesheet to a content page it doesnt work. In master pages, all I would need to do is find the "attach stylesheet" in the stylesheet UI and GUI but now when I do that for a content page, it doesnt add. 


I will post photos of what I am saying...




So basically when I try to add stylesheet (in the first red circle...), it doesn't add the code to the second red circle. 


I tried adding it manually but I think my syntax is messed up. Anyone know how to add a stylesheet to this content page...?


Thanks in advance.


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Bump... Any suggestions?
Never mind I think I figured it out. It seems with Master Pages and Nested Master Pages, it inherits its CSS link from the original Master Page or Nested Master Page. Gave that a try and it seems to be working (css inside of nested master's child pages).