Viva Topics: Updated Adoption Guide and a New Pilot Guides
Published Jun 12 2023 02:37 PM 5,080 Views

Microsoft Viva Topics applies next-generation AI to empower people with knowledge and expertise in the apps they use every day. Viva Topics automatically organizes content and expertise into related topics like projects, products, processes, and customers. Topic cards deliver knowledge just-in-time across Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Office. And topic pages—created and updated by AI—enable experts to cultivate and share knowledge with simplicity.

This month, we’re excited about the updated Adoption guide and the new Pilot guide for Microsoft Viva Topics to enable Viva Topics across your organization.


Updated Adoption Guide

Rolling out new tools across an organization can be challenging. The updated adoption guide makes it simple. The product team has compiled best practices from customers that have successfully deployed Viva Topics in their organization, so you can do the same. It explains the fundamental concepts of Topics in-depth and how to construct timelines, assign roles, build deployment plans, run workshops, measure success, and more. The guide is full of rich content such as communications templates and OKR examples. You can access the updated Adoption Guide here.

New Pilot Guide

If you are just starting out with Viva Topics, your organization is likely starting with a pilot and may have questions like what is the best way to run a Viva Topics pilot to evaluate the product in an efficient and scoped amount of time? The product team has built a step-by-step guide that demonstrates how any organization can run a successful pilot and leverage the full value of Viva Topics, all within 60 days (about 2 months). You can find the new Pilot Guide here.

New Filters for Manage Topics

New filters in Manage Topics will give Knowledge Managers more control when searching for topics. Topic Origin Filter indicates where the topic was sourced from. Engage and Taxonomy topics are called out specifically because they may lack information that is associated with a typical topic. An additional filter will enable Knowledge Managers to filter based on description.




Topic level metrics on topic experiences

We are adding topic level metrics of a topic to measure the impact and performance of the topic as well as identify the topics that require contributors’ attention. The first release will include metrics that show the:


  • Active consumption of topics: Number of times topic details were viewed.
  • Reach of the topic: Number of topic impressions
  • Sharing the topic using picker: Number of times topics were shared.
  • Topic edit and publish: Number of times topic page was edited and published.
  • Feedback on the topic: Number of times feedback was given on a topic.





In case you missed it, watch the Microsoft Viva Summit on-demand to learn more about how Viva empowers organizations with next-generation AI and data-driven insights to continuously improve workforce engagement and performance. To learn more about Copilot in Microsoft Viva, read the Microsoft 365 blog and join the new Viva Community, your destination for best practice guidance, conversations with experts, and peer-to-peer learning.


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