Present your goals with ease with Export to PowerPoint in Viva Goals
Published Oct 06 2023 08:00 AM 4,736 Views

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Spend less time making slides so you can focus on achieving your goals.

Whether you are announcing new goals, reporting on status and progress, or celebrating key wins, transparency is paramount to a successful goals program. We’ve heard from customers that integration between Viva Goals and PowerPoint is essential to communicating goals. Now, with export to PowerPoint in Viva Goals, progress updates on goals are less painful and time consuming. In other words, no more copying and pasting goal information for your town halls and other important business rhythms!

Export to PowerPoint gives Viva Goals users the ability to export a Goal list and automatically create slides for progress on each goal in PowerPoint. Templates are flexible to meet your unique business needs.

With Export to PowerPoint, you can...

• Provide deep context to employees on organization-wide and team-level goal progress and how their contributions play a part in the tool where leaders feel most comfortable presenting: PowerPoint
• Prepare for business rituals and compile pre-reads involving goals with greater ease and shareability by modifying goal updates directly in PowerPoint, giving collaborators the ability to provide extra context and details
• Give meeting participants the ability to click on OKRs and visit Viva Goals when the PowerPoint is presented on Microsoft Teams, improving employee engagement with team and organization-wide goals, so they can connect daily work to business outcomes

Export to PowerPoint is available to all customers today. To get started, follow the directions at Engage with Viva Goals - Microsoft Support, and let us know below if you have any questions as you get started!

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