Connect daily work to OKRs with our latest Viva Goals integrations
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Since our GA announcement in August, Viva Goals has been focusing on new integrations to bring OKRs into the flow of work into the apps you use every day.  


Watch the on-demand Ignite session, Viva Goals: A Practical Guide to OKRs, to uncover the fundamentals around setting OKRs, understand the OKR maturity framework and the progression, and hear about how Microsoft is using Viva Goals internally. Lessons learned from our 40,000+ deployment experience and tips for a successful Viva Goals implementation are some of the most requested topics. You will also see a Viva Goals demo and learn more about the newest Viva Goals integrations.  This session is led by Lucy Hitz, Viva Goals PMM responsible for thought leadership and customer marketing and Liz Pierce, the Viva Goals Customer Experience team lead. 


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What are the newest Viva Goals integrations?


We’re excited to announce new integrations with first-party Microsoft tools you know and love, including an enhanced Microsoft Teams integration with a notifications and check-ins as well as new integrations with Azure DevOps, Azure Data Explorer, Power BI, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft Project. 


We are also releasing new third-party integrations for Microsoft Viva Goals to bring OKRs into your flow of work. The Google Sheets integration is available today, with additional integrations for Slack and Jira on-premises coming soon.


Below, we’ll spotlight our integrations with Power BI, Azure DevOps, and Microsoft Planner.  


Visualize the status of your OKRs with Power BI




With the new Power BI data integration within Viva Goals, you can automatically update Viva Goals Key Results (KR) with data from Power BI.  Now, with one-click access to Power BI reports and the ability to view the progress of your KRs with powerful data visualizations, your team is more empowered to make informed decisions.  


With this integration you can... 

  • Connect your key result in Viva Goals to data in Power BI so that it is always up to date 
  • Point and click to select data in Power BI for your key result 
  • Access your Power BI report directly from the key result for further analysis 


Bring clarity and alignment from OKRs into the Azure DevOps workflow



The Azure DevOps (ADO) Integration connects shared queries and work items in Azure DevOps to Viva Goals. All within Viva Goals, users can connect an ADO work item to a Key Result, project or initiative, update work items and see the progress reflected in their KRs and initiatives. Coming soon, ADO users will be able to connect an ADO work item to a specific Objective, Key Result or initiative within their ADO environment, providing increased transparency on how their individual progress contributes towards organizational goals.  


With this integration you can... 

  • View automatic updates of Viva Goals projects as work items progress  
  • Explore how OKRs cascade down to different work items within a single view 
  • Leverage ADO tooling within your Viva Goals environment  


Connect the dots between daily tasks and OKRs with Microsoft Planner




With the Planner data integration, the progress for Viva Goals projects will offer visibility into the latest status enabling you to have a single source of truth. Your OKRs will have the most up to date information with automatic updates as tasks are completed in Planner. This helps align daily tasks to the bigger picture. 


With this integration you can... 

  • Connect Viva Goals projects and key results to Microsoft Planner tasks so you don’t have to make manual check-ins 
  • View tasks from Planner in Viva Goals 
  • View progress updates in Viva Goals as tasks are completed in Planner  


Bring your favorite third-party integrations into Viva Goals


You can now leverage third-party integrations with Slack, Google Sheets and Jira on-premises in Viva Goals.  


With the Slack integration, users can receive notifications and reminders, and conduct OKR check-ins directly from Slack.  


The Google Sheets data integration allows you to sync check-ins on Key Results to Google Sheet cells for real-time updates of your progress.  


The Jira on-prem integrations for Jira Software Server and Jira Data Center allows for all updates on linked Jira user stories, projects, or tickets to be automatically tracked in the progress for OKRs in Viva Goals.   


See below for a list of all integrations available now and coming soon.  


Available Now

Coming Soon

  • Jira on-premises
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Slack 
  • Viva Goals Extension in ADO


Stay tuned as Viva Goals continues to grow and announce new features and integrations! If you’re looking to learn more about how OKRs can effectively map to your organization to help you and your team reach your companies mission and drive purpose within your day to day, come join our Ignite on demand session focused on Viva Goals! 


Curious about the Viva Suite? To learn more about the other exciting apps that make up the Viva Suite join us at Microsoft Viva: Latest innovations and roadmap for the new digital employee experience at Ignite and read Seth Patton’s blog post ! 

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