What’s new in Viva Engage Admin Center
Published Apr 24 2023 09:00 AM 6,882 Views

Following the release of a new admin experience in Viva Engage for Microsoft Viva customers in February 2023, we’re continuously adding new features and making changes based on your feedback. We are excited to announce that we are releasing three new features that support admins in managing Viva Engage more effectively within their organization.

Web version of Viva Engage Admin Experience 

Admins can access and use the Viva Engage admin center from the web (www.yammer.com soon to be rebranded into Viva Engage) in addition to accessing the admin center via Microsoft Teams. This new web version will have the same administrative capabilities as the Viva Engage admin center within the Teams application, and can be accessed by the roles: Microsoft 365 Global admin, Engage admin (Yammer administrator), Yammer network admin, Answers admin (Knowledge manager) and Corporate communicator. Capabilities available within the admin center are reflective of the tenant’s license plans and user’s role permissions.


Access Viva Engage Admin Center via the webAccess Viva Engage Admin Center via the web


This experience is available to customers who are in native and non-native mode.


Data export

Admins can now access and manage compliance needs directly from within the Viva Engage admin center, remaining in their flow of work. This will be available on both the Teams and web admin experience for the roles: Microsoft 365 Global admins, Engage admins (Yammer administrator) and Yammer network admin.




Through this experience admins can export data for their tenant, all users within the tenant or choose to obtain a single user’s activity.

Note: There is no change in the functionality and data will continue to be exported into a zip file containing .csv files. Additionally, there are no enhancements being made to the data export APIs at this time.


Manage owners and members in Viva Engage for communities where an admin is not an owner 


Microsoft 365 Global admins and Engage admins can now perform the following actions for communities in Viva Engage regardless of being an owner or member: 

  • For both public and private communities where they are not a member or owner, admins can see and search the full member list of the community from within Viva Engage. 
  • For private communities where they are not a member, admins can now see the member list, add/remove owners, and add/remove members (Note: This functionality is already available for public communities). 

What’s next?

We are working on adding more features and enhancements to the Viva Engage admin center. Some of the things we are planning to do are:

  • Provide tenant configuration capabilities like setting usage policy and uploading organization logo in the new experience
  • Provide file and rich media permission capabilities like enabling GIFs in the new experience


Stay tuned for these updates and more with the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.Join the conversation and community for Viva Engage Administrators

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