Visual Studio Lab Management 2010 beta 2
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First published on TECHNET on Nov 05, 2009

Hello, this is Bryon Surace again.  I’m a senior program manager on the Windows virtualization team at Microsoft.

Recently , the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 beta 2 became available for public download.  Part of this release is the Beta 2 version of Visual Studio Team System 2010 Lab Management ; an integrated solution to give you all the benefits of virtualization for application lifecycle management. Congratulations to the Visual Studio Lab Management team for reaching this milestone!

Beta 2 Improvements:

§  Simplified Virtual Environment creation

§  Lab Environment Viewer with full-screen capability

§  Manual and automated testing in virtual environment

§  Build-deploy-test workflow for virtual environments

§  Enhanced workflow process parameters UI and report

§  Network isolation with support for domain controller VMs

§  Setup & Config – verification and auto provisioning of accounts

§  Virtual Machine templates

§  “In-Use” support for shared environments

The main features of Lab Management are:

  • Easily  manage more complex test configurations

    • Lab environment as a first class entity for managing multi-machine test environments

    • Setup multiple configurations for testing quickly

    • Consistent, reliable access to test environments

    • Create multiple copies of test environments for parallel testing

  • New  “clean” environment in minutes

    • Environment snapshot: lightweight and efficient

    • Facilitates exploratory testing

  • Scheduled build/test cycle on steroids

    • Snapshot to clean environment

    • Build triggered app deployment

    • Testing in more realistic environment

  • Rich bugs with environment snapshot

    • reduce the number of no-repro bugs

Visual Studio Download Page – you can download all the required components from there. This video can guide you through the download and installation process of TFS. And check out the Lab Management blog .

Thank you,

Bryon Surace

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