MED-V 2.0 beta is available - for Windows 7 migrations
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First published on TECHNET on Oct 12, 2010
You'll be interested to know that MED-V 2.0 beta is available to download today. Karri blogged about it over at the Windows team blog [ here ]. Here's an excerpt from Karri's blog:

With MED-V 2.0 Beta , we have been listening to customer feedback to further simplify the MED-V experience by enabling one-time sign on to the MED-V workspace. The only time you ever re-enter your password is when you change your Windows password.  In addition, we recognize that more infrastructure is not always better so we’ve enabled you to leverage your existing software distribution system as the delivery mechanism for the MED-V workspaces. This means that System Center Configuration Manager integration was a priority for us as we want to extend the value of the infrastructure you already have. Last but certainly not least, customers told us that they are moving toward virtualization of their applications as their primary strategy for the future. Naturally, they want to be able to use App-V in conjunction with MED-V so that they have a consistent packaging methodology, regardless of the target. Now, App-V and MED-V are fully tested together and virtual apps can be deployed and managed within the MED-V 2.0 Beta workspaces.

For more information about other features, and there are many more, please visit the MDOP Blog . For more on how Harbor Wholesale and other customers are taking advantage of MED-V in their environments, check out the case studies .


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