Android SDK Manager - Visual Studio 2022

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Today, I opened up Visual Studio 2022 and went to Tools -> Android -> Android SDK Manager.


I noticed nothing shows up past Android 8.1 (oreo), is this by design or is something broken ?

How do I install android sdk's > 8.1 ?


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The same issue for me, I spent much time trying to find out why the rest of SDKs are not listed.

follow these open visual studio installer .

click on modify 
check screenshot and select marked option . your issue will fixed 





if you still face the issue please follow this 

go to tools ->options    look for Xamarin ->android    

select  jdk 11 path . 


check my reply hope it will fix your issue

Thanks for help, it was fixed after I opened a solution that uses SDK 10.0 (API Level 29)

I've installed the Win11 SDK, still no joy. I'm installing these as build agents, so opening a solution is cumbersome.

I have exactly the same issue. Android SDK Manager shows nothing above 8.1.

I've been battling this issue for a couple weeks with no solution.