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 Sep 02 2022
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More in depth I've been a Microsoft fan since I had played chronicles of Riddick on original 2000's xbox but along the way with gta 4 I've notice an increase in another of crossplay games especially now more than ever I get it cross-play is cool in all but we should he given the option to cross-play games like an internal setting for consoles, realistically im not the only person who is having a hard time with playing any game and trying to win when you have someone on the other end with a whole $1500+ PC gaming setting just to get spammed non-stop, I don't know but games were supposed to be fun people play video games to get away from certain things in life I get that's deep but who wants to be losing in real life and in video games but also PC gamers are ruining the integrity of console gaming its console for a reason or else why keep making xbox consoles instead of cracking down on xbox exploiters you should Crack down on how PC players can just steal our information because your systems allow them to run on the same servers... 

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Thanks for the idea!


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