Provide integration with PowerUser Community

Provide integration with PowerUser Community



 Jan 07 2018
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There are currently 4 communities in which are totally independent of this environment. I think that it would be best if the techcommunity and the powerusers admins could get these 2 environments integrated/consolidated/aligned. Having spaces in this network for powerapps and flow while those other communities exist and are readily accessed from the applications is confusing and not efficient. 

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Power platform Community, Microsoft's underpinning connection app for the Power platform community, including Power BI Community, Microsoft Flow Community, and Microsoft PowerApps Community, requires "View basic profile info", "View email address", "Read all users' basic profiles", and "Sign you in and read your profile".

Why on earth would Microsoft back in "Read all users' basic profiles"without the option to decline that specific security overreach?


Separately, I agree with @Dean Gross, Microsoft should look at having one hub.


Given the maintained mission presented for techcommunity, it seems counter intuitive to segregate communities again. 

The mission of this online community is to provide a platform for IT Pros, Developers, Office 365 and Azure Users, cloud fans and Microsoft to interact. It is a central destination for education and thought leadership on best practices, product news, live events, and roadmap.

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@Dean Gross 


I couldn't agree more and we are continuing to discuss with powerusers, and other microsoft tennants, how we could pull together the communities in a way that would make sense for customers, IT Pros and developers.


I am putting this on hold until I have a more definative update for you.