multi page opener in one main page with resizing option

multi page opener in one main page with resizing option



 Oct 23 2020
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i have an idea that will improve the edge browser and it will make it number one in world.

the idea is to have on the first page when opening the browser like page builder which will give the user the ability to decide which websites he wants to see on this page and the ability to cut spastic parts from the websites to be shown in this page.

for example i can cut the main news from website and put it at the top of the page like one section,

then will cut the latest mails that i am receiving in the gmail and put it in the lift side, and like so for any website that i need.

so the idea is that i can build mine page which will be built from spastic parts from external websites that i want to see them in one page.

the page will be saved for the logged user and when he connect next time he will see the page that he built and all the needed passwords will be saved by the main account.


i added an attachment image that i built just to feel the idea, its just an example for how it will be looking like.


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Thanks for the suggestion!

The Community Ideas space you've posted in is meant for ideas specifically for the Tech Community website, not for Microsoft Edge or any other products. 


Sorry about that! We'd recommend any product ideas be posted here instead for Edge: