Auto-merge comments when they are posted quickly after one another

Auto-merge comments when they are posted quickly after one another



 Dec 23 2020
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If a user makes a comment under a post and then after a minute or two, decides to post another, merge the new comment with the previous one.

the timer can be set to 5 mins which is a reasonable amount of time.

this feature will help organize and tidy up threads and avoid spam-like behavior.


I think it's pretty clear what this idea is about but if you need an example, please let me know.




Why don't simply edit already posted comment?

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@Sergei Baklan The option is there, but many people don't use it. would be great if they answered why.

@HotCakeX , many users don't use many other available options...

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@Sergei Baklan so? doesn't mean nothing should be done about that.


this is a well thought out feature, implemented by one of the most popular forum software, IPS, and I've seen it in action and how it is useful. 


considering the fact that MTC has no multi-quote feature so someone needs to make multiple comments in order to reply to multiple people.


when this happens on larger threads with many people subscribed to it, they all receive many emails that behave like a spam. this is only one case this is useful for. the other one is when someone spams the thread with multiple small comments.



@HotCakeX , I'm not against the functionality, more features the better. But that's the question of prioritization, I'd only don't put it on the top of the list.

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I can't comment on that because I don't know the full extent of that list