Allow Negative Skew in Paint

Allow Negative Skew in Paint



 Jan 23 2021
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In the good old days when things just worked ...


When you went to paint -> resize ->skew you could put in negative degrees.

This allows you to rotate 2d images in one action by skewing one axis +ve and the other axis -ve


The workaround is to +ve skew in one axis, flip, +ve skew in the other axis, flip



I don't think Paint is an active project anymore, the new Paint 3D has more features,

you can use feedback hub to submit your feature requests and suggestions


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This is a space for ideas specifically around the Microsoft Tech Community website, not around other products. Sorry about that, but yes, the feedback hub is a great suggestion to submit your feedback.

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I know this isn't the correct location for this post, but I would like to answer the original question.


You can do a negative skew in MSPaint still (Windows 10, confirmed). While you do get an error when you type the "-" key, you can paste a negative value and it will work.


For example, you can't rotate 45deg in MSPaint, but you can simulate it. Select the item, but keep it a perfect square (ie100x100). Do a Horizontal Skew of 45 degrees. Re-Select the item again, keeping it a perfect square still (ie200x200), and Resize Horizontally by 50% (uncheck aspect ratio). Now select the item as a square (ie100x100) again, and do a Vertical Skew of -45 degrees.

The size of the square may need to be larger than the item (just whitespace around it) for the skewing to work properly.

Regardless, copy/paste negative numbers does work.