Would like to "Like" an idea (the Yammer Bugs Group idea) - Is that possible?


I'd like to "up vote" or like this idea. But that is not an option. I can comment, but not vote. Am I missing something?


Create a Yammer Bugs group https://network.office.com/t5/Ideas/Create-a-quot-Yammer-Bugs-quot-group/idi-p/1349 

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It looks like a comment (positive or negative) it's counted as a vote, because it looks to increment the "up" counter...
AH HA! I just clicked the arrow next to the number and it increased! That must be how. Does it record WHO likes an idea? How do you see that? @Anna Chu @Anna Chu @Michael Holste @Michael Holste (Mike and Anna, which IDs should we use to contact you?

Hey Amy, the 'discussion style' at play here is called an Idea Exchange and works very similarly to UserVoice, in that you can 'upvote' ideas that you like. I believe that it keeps voting anonymous but I am confirming. In terms of @mentioning me, both IDs you linked to are the same account. When in doubt, mention the account with the admin image. Smiley Happy

Is there any way to see who has up-voted an idea? To see who the people are?