TechCommunity Email Notifications Always Marked As GMAIL Spam

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There appears to be something wrong with the method used to send email notifications from this community.

No matter how many times I go into GMAIL spam and mark these messages as not spam, they continue to be filtered and I keep losing notifications of replies to the threads I subscribe to here.

Looks like you are not sending these emails from valid subdomains according to whatever has in their DNS, SPF, DKIM or whatever else is not correct.

I don't have this issue with notifications from notifications sent from ""

However, for this community, the notifications are busted for GMAIL.

The reply address and domain for fails verification

The warning says:

Be careful with this message

Gmail could not verify that it actually came from Avoid clicking links, downloading attachments, or replying with personal information.

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Can someone look at this? 

This does not seem to be fixed after a year and zero replies.


It has been a mostly constant problem for me.

I tried opening an email account just in case it was a gMail specific issue and maybe Microsoft's own email provider would be better about recognizing other email.

It did not solve the issue for long. A few months ago, the email notifications in also went to that spam folder.

I even tried adding the techcommunity notification email address to my contacts to see if that would prevent it from getting flagged as spam.  It still didn't work.  The latest notification to a discussion I was following still went to spam and I didn't see it until I went looking for it in the junk mail folder.