TechCommunity and Mobile


I've been using the techcommunity a lot and I have found it very useful. It's really good when you can say to your customer : wait a moment, I will ask my 50.000 colleagues.


Sometimes I use the techcommunity site on my mobile (Windows 10 Phone) and I noticed that the @ mention doesn't work on my phone. Is this a windows phone thing? Or is this something that can be fixed on the techcommunity site?

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I just tried using TechCommunity site on MS Edge browser on my Lumia 730 (Win10) mobile. I think its good to read the content.


But when it comes to responding and interacting with others, I feel the laptop/desktop perience with a keyboard is the best experience :)


Untill we get a good Mobile App for TechCommunity, I  will continue to use it on my Laptop/Desktop.