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Hi there,

yesterday, I did a search for my posts in this Community for getting some stats. I would like to ask some questions, share some improvements suggestions and maybe report some issues. I started my search from the Office International Community by using the search box "Search this community" and searched for my first name. It looks then like the following screenshot.




The first question I have, is what are the criteria for Best Match? Meaning, how does the filtering and/or ordering work for that? The sorting order is per default set to this selection.


In the case shown in the screenshot above, 260 results have been found. If I move on the bottom of the page, I can see the page navigation.




Personally, I am missing a button for the Last Page. Currently, I would have to click many times on the Next button for reaching the last page. Yes, after going to the second page, I can manually set the URL-parameter page to 26 for getting quickier to the last page, but I think, that's not the intention. Once, I am on the last page, it looks like this.




So the button 1 for the first page is always visible and lets me jump back to first page. I would like to suggest to implement a similar thing for the last page. In this case, e.g. by that 26 is shown when I am on the first page.


I went back to the first page and unhided the advanced options. There is an option Specific posts, which can be found there. What is the purpose of this option? If I select it, it feels like that replies are more highlighted in the search results, but not always. So, I would like to understand, what that option is doing exactly.




Also, let's say, I have Topics active and set the Search Order to Date. If I then switch to Specific posts, then the search results seem to loose their sorting order option.




I can see the same vice-versa too: if I select in specific posts mode the sorting order, e.g. Views and switch to Topics again, the list with the sorting order does not show any checked entry. So, maybe this is an issue.




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