Question about connections made to Facebook servers when visiting Microsoft Tech Community

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I noticed there are connections made to the Facebook servers when I'm using Microsoft Tech Community.

I can't even see Facebook share button, nor any visible sign of Facebook elements on this forum, yet there are these connections being made to those servers.. and






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@HotCakeX React being used in techcommunity website can be the reason.

I'm not sure if using a web framework made by one of the engineers in Facebook means every user of Microsoft Tech community must make connections to the Facebook servers from their browsers.

so I'd rather wait for an official response.


on Firefox








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Thanks for your post, always happy to explain what connections we have and, where ever possible, what they are for.


So the Facebook connections your seeing are being called from a plugin we have called addthis, you can see it on the right of this post and it looks like this:



add this tells us that the connections to Facebook, and other social media sites, simply allows us to measure things like impressions and data about the use of the social media sharing widget. It does not collect any personal information and it can not be used to identify an individual site visitor.


Hope this helps


Allen Smith

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Microsoft Tech Community

Thank you very much for the explanation :)