Personal Email keeps getting reset to MSA ID

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I log in with my personal Microsoft Account. (MSA) The account ID is I would like my contact email address (listed under My Settings > Personal > Email to be 

I can make the change, get the confirmation email, verify it through the link and have it appear there but for some reason at some point it reverts back to 

This has happened to me at least three times now. 


Things that might be relevant: 

  • My MSA primary (and only) alias used to be
  • I recently created an Office 365 tenant and tied it to my domain
  • I added the alias to my MSA and made it the primary alias to enable me to log on to certain services that have problems differentiating between the personal and work account when my ID is used
  • I migrated my emails from my mailbox to my Exchange Online mailbox; the only service still emailing my mailbox (since the address was never publicised anywhere apart from being my new primary logon ID) is this Tech Community site
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