Nickname instead of full name?


Hi. I started using TechComms some time ago.


My posts were tagged with full name as "Petr Vlk", but today I am seeing "Kazzan" as my nickname which I am using for TechNet Forums.


I am not aware that I changed some setting. Is there somewhere hidden option to choose if nickname or full name is displayed? Thanks!

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Sorry for the delayed response on this.


Yes, this is due to single sign on. Our system pulls your name from your Microsoft ID. So if you want your name to show up differently, you'd have to change it there.

I have here "Petr Vlk" correctly. Yesterday I changed back this also on Tech Comms to a real name and today TBD TBD is back... :(TechComms_Name.png

Sorry if I wasn't clear. The place to change your name is at Tech Community pulls in that information directly from your Microsoft account. 

Yes, I understand that. If TechComms load this from Microsoft Account it should not be an editable field here.


But, anyway. On Microsoft Account I have the name also correctly set. I will try to destroy my SSO cookie or rename account, maybe something is broken between.




And thanks for the response.

Sorry that didn't fix it. We'll look into this.