Make sorting selection stick


The new sorting selector is nice, especially the "Newest thread" option. But it seems to reset every time I land on the page, can you please make it stick?

Failing that, can you please bring back the "recent threads" webpart that was available on the top right? 

And while I'm complaining about things, can you please also make the pinned posts part remember it's collapsed status? :)

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Vasil, piggybackinng on your thread - I have looked through the preferences and cant see an option to make "sorty by newest posting" a default. Did you find any solutions? (I am happy to create a bookmark folder with that, but it seems like this discussion community does not have parameter which I could use to force the desired sorting)
Nope, I learned to live with it :\

Hi @nicolesimon 

In any MTC space - you can use the label below I will add a screenshot , you can sort threads (this does not apply to profile settings) :)




Yes - but you have to do it every single time, every single visit :(





Previously, there was only such a filter for sorting - so this year is better!

I don't need such sorting for all spaces in MTC :(