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Is there a place where you can find all the badges that is possible to earn during your profile evolution? Some sort of the same preview that you can see in other web platforms (i.e. TripAdvisor). Thanks.

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I've been wondering the same thing, so I've asked this over on this newer thread:

I guess here are two questions


1) Which badges are exist here?

The answer was in some early post, perhaps it shall be updated and published in common place


2) How I may earn this or that badge?

I asked that some ago and the answer is Microsoft doesn't share the algorithm based on which they awarded the badge. Just to avoid the manipulations with posts to earn next badge.

There was an opportunity before ignite to somehow link your attendee registration number to your tech community account, which earned you a badge. The window of opportunity closed on that one, so I didn't get it (no big deal). But that is an example of how you can get one. The platform supports the following badges, but I have not idea if these are being used:
- A badge for being a community founder
- Badges for posting replies
- Badges for creating topics
- Badges for posting Accepted Solutions
- Badges for receiving Kudos
- Badges for giving Kudos
- Badges for uploading images to our Gallery
- A badge for upload a video
- A badge for filing in your biography
- A badge for being a featured member on our front page and blog
Hope this helps.

@David Leveille any updates on this? Or list? Thanks

Team, I am starting a list here:
Please help by adding some missing in the comments for me to complete the list. Thanks!
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