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When I get notification emails to my account, I see a message that reads: "Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks."



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In Office 365, all emails get into the spam folder.

I enabled SPF, DKIM and DMARC on my tenant

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Sorry about this there is a related thread on this. It has taken longer than I would like to get this fixed but we are close now. I will post an announcement to the community once its fixed as we will also be changing the email address notification's are coming from.

Hi @Michael Hunsberger @Arjan Cornelissen

Just to let you know we have fixed this today, sorry it took so long. Please note that all notifications coming from the community will now come from and will no longer be marked as spam.

Great to hear that you solved it.

Unfortunately, it still got in my spam folder

Hi @Arjan Cornelissen


I am sorry to hear that - is anyone else on this thread still hitting the spam folder?

This mail came in my regular mailbox; I think the previous email did not yet respect the new setting.