I'm not sure why this MTC exists? is TechNet forums being replaced ?

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I also am interested in hearing when we should use TechNet (and/or MSDN) forums,  or to use this Micorosft Tech Community.


Might also mention  UserVoice,   such as .





In this post,     

it says   we should use TechNet , etc. for support.

However, I have seen what look like support questions here.



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Not first time discussion. I like the best answer in this thread


I guess all these forums will always be overlapped, we may speak only about trends and intentions, which forum goes which direction

All these disjointed forums are no good from my ADHD. What ever happened to the one microsoft vision?


Time to archive some of them for reference purposes I think.

Thanks for the question - we are making efforts to centralize Microsoft communities for technical discussions.  Be advised this is not the place for ticketed support.  People in the Tech Community are generally very helpful and can provide guidance based on what they have seen.  As previously mentioned this post is a good summary of what the Microsoft Tech Community is all about.