How to stop receiving messages and emails for ranks and badges?

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I signed up about three days ago. Since then I am spammed with messages about ranks and badges. For every click I do it seems like I win two awards, an Emmy, a Golden Globe and the Nobel Peace prize. And I am informed by that through countless messages here and emails in my inbox.


Is there any way to disable that? I really only want to get an email if someone replies to something I write in a thread.

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We have some options to control over at the Profile page:


Not sure if any of those apply to badges and stuff though. @Dylan Snodgrass might be able to help or at least ping Allen, who I cannot @mention :)

Yeah, I found that in the meantime. Thanks!


Unfortunately, all you can control is whether you get badge notifications via email. It still triggers the red dot on the bell at the upper right. I have yet to see if new ranks are also treated like badges.


Edit: Holy cow, I just earned a badge literally for upvoting one post. Guys, I think I deserve a raise. Have to tell my boss how awesome I am, be right back. :) Oh, at least I didn't get an email for that, so that is working.


To edit your notification settings please follow this pathway:
My Settings> Subscriptions & Notifications> Notification Settings. From there you can set your settings as desired!

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